"The most important thing I will ask you to do on your wedding day......is forget I am there."

"My aim is to capture your day in such a way that the photography does not detract from you, or your guest's, enjoyment of the day, while at the same time capturing it for you beautifully, sensitively and artistically. "

I am an international multi award winning documentary wedding photographer working throughout the UK and abroad.
As a documentary wedding photographer my aim is to capture your day both honestly and artistically. I capture what happens rather than directing what happens and am therefore a passive observer who blends in with your wedding party. This allows you to enjoy your day with your guests relax and be yourselves which is what your wedding day should be about. I am happy to take family portraits which would normally take only 10-20 minutes giving you more time with your guests having fun. I must stress that my style is totally based upon observation. The more I am unnoticed the better and more meaningful the images will be. As an astute guest said to me at a recent wedding I wish I could wear a cloak of invisibility. I have no ego when it comes to my photography the bride and groom their family and friends are the stars of the day I am there only to quietly capture it.
As you will notice from my gallery images I do take bride and groom portraits. If you wish around 10 to 20 minutes would be set aside for this during the day when we would go off and take these. I try to keep this relaxed and informal and try to keep these images as real looking as possible without lots of contorted posing. It is really about capturing the two of you alone together sharing a romantic moment. This is essentially a portrait session within your day and please let me stress the whole day is not a portrait session.
Capturing beautiful poignant and fun moments is what motivates me. For me it is about capturing "the moments between the moments" which tell the true story. I like to think that I am your eyes on your wedding day capturing the fleeting moments that you may miss.

Hi Steven
Oh my word! Thank you so much for the most amazing photos. I cannot stop looking at them.
You must be a wizard or something, because everything looks truely Amazing! Some photos have made me cry, and some have made me laugh out loud. Absolutely wonderful. We cannot thank you enough.
Rest assured you will come exeptionally highly recommended to anyone I know.
Once again, thank you for your talent and hard work.

All our best

Nicole and Jamie

Stephen Casey Photography

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