How I Work

I have photographed well over 400 weddings and every wedding is unique. I love what I do and am always excited and honoured to have the opportunity of capturing truly great images for you and your family current and future. My experience allows you to be confident that come rain, shine or snow I will record your day beautifully, calmly and sensitively and allow you and your guests to relax and enjoy your day.

Throughout most of the day my style of wedding photography is reportage or photojournalistic. I document your day with pictures. I also normally combine this with a portrait session with the bride and groom when romantic shots are taken. This would usually take 15 minutes and some limited direction would be given to help you look your best. I also normally spend some time taking family formal photographs and I am happy and confident doing this.

My aim at a wedding is to tell your story. Your wedding should be a reflection of who you are. I am not there to dictate events and direct you or your guests behaviour but to record it.

For weddings I work pretty much exclusively using available light. This helps me to remain unobtrusive and allows me to better capture the ambience and atmosphere of the day. After all a candle lit dinner should look like a candle lit dinner in the photographs.

Genuine moments are much more significant than ones that are created. They tell the true story with real emotions. I will not be asking your guests to constantly smile at the camera. In fact the opposite I would encourage you and your guests to forget the camera is there enjoy the day and have fun. Very few of us are comfortable posing for the camera the poses often look awkward and contrived. For portrait shots of the bride and groom I prefer to place you in the best location in the most flattering light and let you chat, interact, walk while I stand back with a long lens and capture the moments. I am happy taking the normal family group shots which serve as a historical record of our family linage.

Good reportage photography is spotting the moment to press the shutter capturing the moment as it is called and this is my constant aim and what motivates me. A smile, a touch, a gesture which tell a story and connect us to the image on an emotional level.

As you may have noticed from the images on my site I love the drama and simplicity of black and white as it emphasises the moment without the distractions that colour can bring. With digital photography all images start out as colour and are converted to black and white in post processing. I provide all the images in both colour and black and white so you can decide which you prefer for a particular shot.

I edit/process each photograph individually to achieve the best look for that particular image. This is a very important part of delivering the final quality product and takes up a large proportion of the overall time spent on your wedding. I process all images as a colour file and once I am happy with the final colour image I copy and convert it to black and white and carry out further adjustments to achieve the best monochrome image. I do all my image processing myself rather than using a third party. The editing is very much part of the artistic process which is why I like to have total control of this aspect.

Why not email or telephone me with you requirements so we can start planning how I can help on your big day