As a documentary wedding photographer I like to be in the shadows so as not to effect what is going on. Really who I am is not really relevant far more important is what I see and how I feel about it, as this is what defines my images. Therefore this page may be considered a little redundant. For those who are still interested in knowing more about the man behind the camera here goes.

I am an award winning member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association a worldwide organisation which strives to develop and maintain the highest standards of wedding photojournalism. With only around 5% of applicants being accepted into the organisation it aims to maintain very high standards of work from it's members both creatively and professionally.

I was also honoured to make this year's final in "The Wedding Industry Awards" "Best Wedding Photographer London & South East" category. This award is based largely on verified customer reviews and votes and has become the most respected of all UK awards.

My style of working is relaxed, friendly and unobtrusive if I am doing my job well for most of the day you should not notice me. I like to think of myself as a guest with a camera mixing in and getting the real story.

Originally from London I now live in Hertfordshire. In my spare time I love being with my family, reading, box sets and all the usual things that people do. My background is in sport and what seems a long, long time ago now I competed internationally in both the decathlon and discus. It is so long ago that I carried pole vault poles through Check Point Charlie at the Berlin Wall from West to East Berlin.

I have been taking photographs since the days of film in the 1980's with a home darkroom and full analogue set up. I have been photographing weddings as my sole income for the last 8 years. After a brief flirtation with editorial sports photography I photographed my first wedding and was immediately hooked. I have been lucky enough to photograph well over 400 weddings since then. I feel genuinely blessed to make my living doing something that give me such pleasure. I still shoot and develop my own film but mainly for fun or for specific projects. My weddings are entirely digital as it allows me to offer much more extensive coverage and variety of shots.

Well that's the cringe worthy self promotion over with and it is probably a bit more about me than you really wanted or needed to know and really to be honest I would rather be getting to know about you and how you met and your plans for your day. If you like my photos and the way I work fits with you vision for your day please do contact me to chat about your wedding plans and how I may be able to help in capturing it for you.

stevecasey1966@msn.com tel 07925 873513